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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Teen choice : Blue Carpet 2013

The carpet is the most exciting part because you get to see what the stars are rocking this year. Let me say i am so surprised at what they were wearing this year. 

Ed Sheeran, sticking to the blue carpet theme and rocking the denim. he looks so happy to be there that is so great. He looks so cute with his own style. He just had to show off the Tattoos and he just looks so short and cute.  

Next to the carpet Little Mix, all rocking their dresses with their own individual style but after analysing this picture over a million times. I much Prefer Jesy's Plain simple dress. The rest of the girls are rocking their own style but it just doesn't work. 

Front Women of Paramore Hayley Williams. YIKES!!  
I don't have anything nice to say about this. 
Racoon Eyes. 
Chain top , Leather Skirt. 
This whole Outfit scares me. 

Skylar Austin and Kyle McHale. 
Skylar Austin looks so gorgeous. I like Kyle's Hair and those eyes. 
MY Gosh! 
but that shirt is so distracting. 

I will Review One Direction Separately. Besides the Fact Harry Styles is up for Hottie Award. Two People already said they like Harry. Holland and Jane Lynch. there are other boys in the band that shine just as bright.


  Harry Styles. That hat style suits him and i think he looks so gorgeous, but the shirt open I don't know what he is trying to prove. Showing off the tattoos? 
or the cross necklace but he looks like a farmer. Why does he have to tease people with the shirt?? 
Button it up or TAKE IT OFF STYLES!!

Louis Tomlinson already looks like a model. The Print Shirt and the way he dresses it up with a dress jacket. Just Perfect. Look at that stare the guy was set to be a model. The Messy Hair he just works that updo. 
Zayn Malik, his scruffy look looks out of place for him. his facial features remind me of that one kid that walks around the shopping centre looking for his mummy. Zayn generally looks lost. 
I think the denim suits him and i love the way he just HAD to show off the tattoos. Smart Move Malik.

 Liam Payne, The Bad Boy look. WOW! 
Leather looks pretty good on him and being the innocent one in the band he is rocking it pretty good. 
He looks very Model like as well. 
This is a really good look for him. 

Niall Horan 
The Most carefree Member. I love the glasses he has on and the brown jackets although doesn't suit the rest of the boys denim theme. I think it suits his individuality. 

The Jonas Brothers. There to Support Kevin on his Nomination. Kevins hair looks like it got trapped in the wind or something. But his Jacket very similar to Niall, Joe, I don't know what to say about that, Nick living up to the Rockstar look, the quiff and the striped shirt just works perfectly. 

Demi Lovato, Is so questionable to me, Her hair looks like a mullet and it scares me. The Suit style for her works really well. It does remind me of the rock star look with her leather pants and that jacket is really nice. but the hair is just the thing that lets the whole outfit down. 

Making Australia proud ! Cody Simpson, What a little cutie he is. I love the shirt and the blonde haircut. of course in the picture his proud sister Ali strutting her stuff behind him. The Duo look like they are matching and the pair look very smashing.  

Selena Gomez. TWO SPLITS!! 
I like the Dark green dress but the shoes look a little out of place. the dress is simple and her hair straightened looks very elegant. 
Host Lucy Hale and Darren Criss. 
Darren looks so clean cut I love everything about him .This Photo just makes me laugh so much. 
Lucy looks so gorgeous the crop top and the high waisted skirt work a perfect combination together. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Best Song Ever : One Direction Uncovered

I know this was our expression when seeing this video, who agrees with me right? 
So It has been on repeat since the release ( and is my voice mail tone) and maybe just listening to it right now and a million times on tv today not that I'm complaining ;) 

But there are some things a lot of the directioners did miss? 
I wonder did you notice all of these ? 

But honestly this is something that is going to stick with me I mean it can't get anymore significant. 

Louis takes the Hollywood picture and throws it to the floor signifying that the media and stigma of Hollywood truly means nothing to them. Then the boys replace it with a poster of them. In the exact same place where the picture was. They've done it without wearing the clothes they've told them to wear. Acting the way they tell them to act or following the stereotypical boy band path. Can't writes " this is us" over the picture. The boys step back and smile. They are proud of who they are and they don't have to do it anyone's way. It's their own way of conquering the world. Without changing who they are and it's a beautiful thing. 

The dressing up of the various people of the management the boys disobeying and not listening to them. Symbolises that the management don't control them. Again this is them. The boys who do what they want with the help of management and they don't need to argue with the management. So with the fans that blame management the boys are saying. "THIS IS US!" 

Harry tripping over at the end of the dance scene but makes it totally noticeable and looks to his left in a very awkward way. 

Yup we noticed that styles! 

Now I know that everyone was memorised by Zayn singing and his high notes but did anyone notice the background. Liam hitting Harry Over the head with the vase

Yup Liam isn't a puppy anymore. 

Louis's  dancing. Now everyone who has watched all of the vines, the video diaries, and the interviews. Will notice all of Louis dances, as well as the other music for a dance sequence in the best song ever makes me laugh to sum up all the other dancing they did in the other music videos as well as Louis's dancing. 

But then they modernise it with joining the trend for... 

In conclusion, One Direction are NOT ! Your average boy band. They have involved bigger and better. I can't wait till the boys grace us with a visit in Australia. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Presenting: Bonnie McKee

This Week, I have really been digging the 29 Year Old Californian  award-winning singer, Songwriter, and Actress and New Upcoming Pop Diva. She is a triple threat and was labelled by Rolling Stone Magazine as "Best Secret Weapon" in 2011.Her Hit Single American Girl I have listened to so many times and I do not regret it one bit. 

Her debut CD was released in September 2004, Titled Trouble. The First Single was called that Somebody. Which showcases her vocal ability and perfect harmonisation. After Warner Brothers Record contract fell through she turned to alcohol and partying. One Morning she woke up and got to work writing her hits. " I had to Climb My Way Back Up" She said about her success.

The First Time I heard her was the video of the Celebrities Lip- Syncing to her song. American Girl. If you haven't watched it you can have a look at it here. Celebrity Lip Sync- American Girl
Celebrities include Kesha, Macklemore, Carly Rae Jepsen, KISS and Jason Derulo. Just to name a few. 

The next one and my favourite video of the lip syncing has to do with the Keep a Breast Foundation. The Warped Tour Video. If you haven't watched it. You Can Watch it here: 
Artists Include, Mindy White, Forever the Sickest Kids, The Summer Set,  Go Radio. Just to name a few on a hilarious tour video while on Warped Tour. 

Doing Research on why she is the secret weapon.This is what makes her so totally cool is that she has teamed up with a lot of people to co write hits. Such as Teenage Dream By Katy Perry and Dynamite By Taio Cruz. She uploaded a video on her Youtube channel singing just some of the songs that she co- wrote. 

Talented, Pretty and Her hair is amazing. 

With her Worldwide Success in song writing it earnt her five awards BMI for 2011 and 2012 and 3 in 2013.This Year she has sky-rocketed writing with stack load of artists. While Writing for herself with her second album scheduled for release soon. 

She has Built Herself up to be a bigger and better sensation with the release of  her own Music Video of American Girl.  

This Girl is destined to be a star with her incredible back ground, The Story off building herself up even when she got knocked down once before. The incredible contacts she has made now great Friends of hers. And with all that she has Launched herself up to what can only be described as a Pop Diva in the making. 

The Only Way is up for Bonnie Mckee.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Daylight Hours

As It is winter in Australia, I have to admit like the rest of Australia, I hate the rain and I miss summer. Those times at the beach. Watching the surfers, the young summer loves that blossom. Which reminds me of the upbeat spirit of Daylight Hours. 

Daylight hours are a three piece from Melbourne who started in 2011 and consists of Phil Gruszka, Adam Gruszka, Anthony Ruberto.

Their debut EP "Brand New Tomorrow" was released 2011. And their second EP was released 2013 titled "With You, I'm Home". Which is an ode to the summer time. 

Heartbeat,which is an upbeat catchy sound with Clear Polished vocals, a breakdown for a bridge. Hypnotic riffs and exceptional drum skills, that tie the song together perfectly. Which they said its one of their favourite songs to play live. 

Save me, a softer sound then heartbeat with a deeper message that tells the story of wanting to be saved. The lyrics of this song are catchy and would be a crowd favourite at the concerts. 

And Summer love, saw their debut music video which portrays the song perfectly. The summer feel with upbeat electro dance. It tells the story of a romance. 

With their cover of "Love Is Easy" By McFly. And " Sex On The Radio" By Good Charlotte, Which pushes them to extremes on a new level. 

They have a lot to offer the music scene and have revealed they have a lot of big plans as they continue to grow as a band with their music scene. 

They will  be releasing a new single along with a music video sooner then we thought! Which the audience is anticipating muchly.

Check them out here! : 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The evolution of For Our Hero

My love for this band has been so big since the release of Young Wolves. Being a fan of them since those awkward hair days with their hair straighteners. Tonnes of hair spray and watching all the webisodes over and over. I have watched these boys grow as a band and evolve into what can only be described as perfection.

The band consists of Taplin brothers Jay, on vocals and Beau who writes the band's lyrics, Dave Tran and Leon Blair on guitar, while Geoff Taylor and Nax Vee complete the six piece band, playing bass and drums. They are between drums and bass at the moment so I'm unsure on who we have taking Nax's Place. 

I've been to three concerts of theirs and I find myself going to more. The way they put on a show is never the same and that is what I love about it . They can entertain the crowd and put on a show is amazing. They can entertain the crowd and put on a great show . 

So those short stack days. The big hair , the hair straighteners and the tonnes of hair spray , watching the webisodes. The webisodes had an intro song which was someone throw a beach towel cause my heads a swimming . I think it's my favourite for our hero song to date. Even though it wasn't released properly until the basement sessions. 

Threw the looking glass was them finding themselves. With the catchy hits as mister Prozac and white lighter.Most of the songs are catchy, and are sure to be stuck in your head for days. 

After glow combines the raw power of the vocals that  is unleashed contrast of melodic phrasing,  which construct a metaphorical world within a songs. After glow saw a dark 
Yet highly polished pop-soul sound. 

Strange days- was where we saw their first music video for don't  you dare. Which we follow the journey of Jay Taplin through the forest with the band through the council in the woods where he meets a girl. The classic tale of lust and love withdraws between Jay and the girl. 

Young wolves saw the new revolution of For Our Hero. It's for our hero 2.0 bigger and better than ever. With songs like weekends that have the upbeat jazz song harmonising with group vocals at the end of the song. That contrasts with rock inspired tune young wolves where the band team vocals up with lead frontman of The Cab Alex Deleon. 

You've got to admit to live in Beau Taplin's mind would be one fucking adventure. Jay has the voice of an angel. Leon is the friend that everyone wants and you can just talk to him for hours. Dave Tran combines his  melodic guitar riffs with a smile that would melt a girls heart. Geoffrey Mark Taylor gives the best hugs and his intellectual convosations are amazing. This is what brings For Our Hero to the music scene because they are destined for big things. This band keeps getting amazing and I don't know where I would be without them and their music. Thank you. 

If you are like me and Love For Our Hero 
Why don't you visit them on tour at the YOUNG WOLVES TOUR

Grab your tickets here: 


Wednesday, June 26, 2013


 Photo taken by Joel Robison Photography check his page out on Facebook. 

Everyone has fear something stopping them from being something more. It's our own personal wall and we are constantly fighting with ourselves in order to win. It is the hardest thing to fight. But we need to embrace it we are all different , unique and individuals. My fear is anxiety. 

When you anxious, there is always a rational part of you going ‘Hey, what are you doing? You don’t need to do this, it’s stupid. Stop and calm down’ but you can’t always do that. You want reassurance and when you get into a state it’s hard to reassure yourself. It is a barrier stopping me. It is so hard to talk in front of my class because it is so hard for me physically.  its not something I can stop and turn off. Even if I wanted to. 

I can't talk to new people so standing in front of a class is the most nerve wreaking thing in the world to me. Music helps me because it is my escape and these words of advice gets me through the day. I know it will help you through yours too. 

For once in your life forget the pain lets reach for your dreams that your chasing and take them. 
You will never change the stars by sitting , waiting , constantly waiting and just hesitating. I'll want to feel alive and I will chase these dreams of mine. I will move these mountains if it means that much to me. 

Don't worry about your wounds because they will fade with every step you take so please know that you are not alone. In time you ill see the best you can be. So if you never scrape your kneed how are you ever going to learn.No one ever said life was easy but we are going to make it work. 

It's okay to be unsure.  it's okay to get low as long as you throw yourself into life. You have got to be strong . You've got to take chances and you have got to take risks because that's what life is. It's chaos . Life is staying out too late. Life is drinking too much . Life is kissing all the wrong people. 
What I'm saying is don't be safe. 

I know this helps me through because today I am going to march on. Better days are here hope is stronger than fear. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Music Uncovered: Ed Sheeran

We all know the song by Ed Sheeran called the A Team 

Yes it's good isn't it? 
But the story behind this song remains unknown to a lot of people. So now I am going to share the story of Angel and the song that was. 

So the first song that was written was called Little Lady which is featured on the number 5 collaborations project EP. The song goes through the details of Angel's Life and the details of the song are quite brutal and descriptive. 

  • This song is about a 13 year old girl who is shipped to her Uncle's house in London by her mom so that she can have a higher education. Her life started going down hill fast by Instead, her Uncle gets her addicted to heroin so he can make her become a prostitute in order to make money.

    Well one night after having sex with yet another strange man, she realizes her jaw has been hurt. So instead of going to the clinic she decides to go to the Whittington(a hospital in London) to have her injury looked at.
  •  She's hesitant to do this though because she knows her punter(her pimp) will be angry at her for doing so because then the cops will get involved.
  •  She ends up going though because she can't hide what happened to her with make-up. She makes up a lie to tell just in case the doctor's decide not to pretend they don't know what happened.
  •  But of course, the nurse gets suspicious and doesn't believe the girl's story, so she called in the police. 
  • The lyrics lead the story that " She started freaking out in the room even though the cops assured her he wouldn't let anyone hurt her again. She stays silent, but likes that he's talking to her like she's more than a dirty whore. He gives her a card with his phone # on it before he leaves, begs her to use because if she doesn't there's no way he can help her." 
  • She leaves to give her pimp all the money she owes him. But her pimp follows her home and because she's been gone so long, wants to know where she's been. Scared and nervous, drops her bags on the floor. Even though there's a mess, all her pimp sees is the card the cop gave her. He gets angry at her for going to the cops so he murders her and dumps her body in the streets.

  • And the end of the song it tells the story that "Little lady left this earth in the worst way 
    all because she got a card on her 13th birthday". 

    So the chorus is exactly the same to The A Team. " it's too cold for Angel's to Fly, it's too cold for Angel's to die". 

Now it's all starting to make sense right? 
Of course due to the brutality of the song it didn't surface and we didn't hear about it till later on. 
But it is rumoured to of had some Radio Play in Britain.  

This leads to song number two:

Where Ed Sheeran Describes the song The A Team "turning a dark situation into a happy song". 

So it's the same tune as Little Lady. Same chorus as The A Team. But with different words just toned down. 

Now now how did Ed Sheeran meet Angel? 

He had  met  a girl called Angel, whilst volunteering at a Crisis homeless shelter. 

The song became the highest selling debut single on the UK singles charts in the first half of 2011. 

He told The Sun July 15, 2011: "I wrote that song last year in a student flat in Guildford. I recorded it for less than £200 and made the video for under £20. In two weeks we'd sold 200,000 copies. I've made a song about a homeless prostitute who has been able to get on A-list radio."

So now we know the story of the Angel and how Ed and Milli Pain really challenge that. No matter how sad this story is, it's real and both songs so in-depth.